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Fogroff organic fish fertilizer is made by Big River Fish. Power Knot manages the marketing, selling, and distribution of the product. You may contact us by completing the form above or at:

Big River Fish Corporation

14310 Illinois 100

Pearl, IL 62361

(217) 829-4004

Power Knot LLC

501 Valley Way

Milpitas, CA 95035

(408) 889-8433

Learn More About Fogroff

Fogroff is an all-natural liquid fertilizer made from 100% fish. We use a proprietary enzymatic cold process to produce a hydrolysate product that outperforms other types of fish fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. Our fertilizer produces a hyper-active bio-stimulant that will restore and enhance the quality of the soil and anything that you grow in the soil.

We make Fogroff organic fish fertilizer from Asian Carp caught in our rivers. As such, we are reducing this pest that is endangering the native species and threatening the Great Lakes.

If you need more information, please complete the form to the left. The more information you give us, the better able we are to provide the information. We look forward to helping you grow healthier plants!

Big River fish is a green fishery that is concerned with it's effect on the environment. At big river fish we are concerned about our impact on the environment, by using Power Knot's LFC, we can lower our carbon footprint.

About Big River Fish

Big River Fish Corporation was founded in 1999 with nothing more than a small 30' x 30' building along the Mississippi River, a fishing boat, a pick-up truck, and a big dream. Coming from a long line of commercial fishermen Rick Smith, now President of Big River Fish, decided to open his own fish market.

In 2003 Big River Fish purchased a poultry plant, modernized it with state-of-the-art equipment, and created a large fresh river fish processing plant. The new location between the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers gives the company access to an abundance of fresh water fish.

Big River Fish now has over 120 commercial fishermen harvesting fresh fish, delivering them for weigh-in, and processing all within the same day to provide the freshest quality on the market. Due to our quality of production, we secured orders for large quantities of Asian Carp for sale in China and we now export regularly container loads of frozen fish. Big River Fish has become the largest purchaser of Asian carp in the United States.

When we fillet a fish, we have head and guts (offal) that is unusable and which we have to dispose. In 2011 we acquired a Liquid Food Composter (LFC) from Power Knot in California. This machine rapidly digests our waste fish, sending the output down the drain. This saves us the mess, cost, and inconvenience of taking the waste fish to the landfill. But more than that, we knew that disposing of waste organic material on the landfill is very bad for the environment. With the use of the LFC we have dramatically reduced our carbon footprint.

The liquid out of the LFC is fertilizer and we realized this is a valuable commodity. In 2012, we asked Power Knot to produce a machine that can process more fish and create a product that we can sell. The LFC from Power Knot is that machine and we are proud to be the first users of the machine. We are increasing the capacity of to process 20,000 lb of fish per day in the LFC.

Map of Big River Fish, located between the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.

Big River Fish in Pearl, Illinois

We are strategically located near the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, and about 250 miles from Chicago.

We get fish from both rivers and are doing our part to prevent the invasive Asian Carp species from reaching the Great Lakes.

We process Asian Carp and other fish in the same location but have different processing rooms for the fish sold for eating and the fish used to create fertilizer.

We are currently building a new 200,000 ft² facility in Griggsville, about 15 miles north of our current facility.

If you are local, we would welcome a visit from you to buy our fresh fish or our fertilizer.

Big River Fish Corporation

14310 Illinois 100

Pearl, IL 62361

(217) 829-4004


By making Fogroff out of Asian Carp, we are helping the environment.

The Asian Carp is also called the flying carp. When agitated, the fish "fly" out of the water. The sound of an engine of a boat can agitate the fish so the fish will fly around the fishermen. The fish can be very heavy and can cause injury or death to occupants of the boat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Fogroff Organic Fish Fertilizer


  • Does the Fogroff organic fish fertilizer smell?

    Yes, but the smell is similar to fresh fish (from which it is made). This is a because Fogroff organic fish fertilizer is made form a cold process. On the other hand, fish emulsions (nade by boiling the fish) smell very bad, of dead or rotting fish. The smell of our fertilizer deters rabbits, ground squirrels, and deer from eating your produce, so it isn't all bad. And the smell usually is gone in a few days after you apply the Fogroff organic fish fertilizer.

  • Can we use the Fogroff organic fish fertilizer on all types of plants?

    Yes. As a healthy organic fertilizer, Fogroff will benefit all types of plants from grasses and grains, flowers, fruits and vegetables, and trees.

  • Can’t we eat the Asian Carp?

    Yes, it’s a perfectly edible fish. However, it has many small bones so it is unpopular in the US. Asian Carp is eaten in — surprise — Asia, where the fish doesn't grow so big. It is prepared with a variety of sauces and usually eaten with chopsticks which help you to get the meat without the bones.

    If you want to buy some fresh Asian Carp, give us a call and we will be happy to supply it!

  • What’s the difference between Fogroff organic fish fertilizer and fish emulsions which are much cheaper?

    Fish emulsions are made by heating the fish and extracting some elements for other uses (such as cosmetics or fish oils). What remains is diluted and sold as fish emulsion.

    We make our Fogroff organic fish fertilizer with a cold process without removing such elements. The result is a product that is rich in macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, and trace elements. All these build better soil and healthier plants.

  • Can we use Fogroff organic fish fertilizer with other soil amendments or fertilizers?

    Yes, but Fogroff organic fish fertilizer works well by itself so usually you won’t need any expensive additional products.

  • Can I apply Fogroff organic fish fertilizer through boom sprayers and irrigation systems?

    Yes. The maximum particle size in our Fogroff organic fish fertilizer is 75µm (0.03"). [This is equivalent to a 200 US Mesh.]


  • What is the shelf life of the Fogroff organic fish fertilizer?

    If you keep the product in a cool dark environment, it will last five years in the bottle, provided you have not added any water to the contents.



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