Why is NPK so low?

Benefits of using the Fogroff Fish Fertilizer

The way nature intended

Fogroff will help you grow your own plants. Whether you are seeking bigger and brighter flowers, greener lawns, increased grain crops, or tastier and more wholesome fruit and vegetables, Fogroff is a great step towards that objective.

•  Fogroff is a natural way to enhance your soil and has many advantages over the use of chemical counterparts:

•  Fogroff is organic and is an excellent stimulant for the production of microorganisms and mycorrhizae (to help the roots grow and absorb nutrients). The fertilizer gives all the benefits associated with improved soil structure, increased microbial life, and better plant health. The increase in biological activity ensures the nutrients in the soil are properly released to the plants.

•  Fogroff fish fertilizer does not burn plants as readily as chemical fertilizers. This is because Fogroff generally has a slower release rate than chemical fertilizers and you don’t need to apply it as often.Not all fish fertilizers are the same! Fogroff organic fish fertilizer is a hydroslate. Other types of fish fertilizer are fish emulsions.

•  Fogroff fish fertilizer is not readily leached from the soil; instead the nutrients are held in the bodies of the microbes that then turn into plant food.

•  Fogroff contains macro and micro (trace) nutrients not normally found in chemical formulas.

•  Fogroff can be safely sprayed on the plants to feed the plants through the leaves. This is called foliar feeding and is shown to particularly improve the Brix of the food. (Brix can be roughly thought of as the sweetness of the crop.) Most plants can absorb nutrients better through foliar feeding than through the roots. When the Brix is low, the taste is poor (and pests come to destroy the crops). When the Brix is high, the taste is superb and the insects go elsewhere. Fogroff helps to fertilize your plants and the soil so that that the plants can develop higher Brix.

Bigger, Stronger, and Tastier

If you want to grow an organic garden, Fogroff fish fertilizer is one of the best natural organic fertilizers available on the planet. Nutrient rich fish has been used as a fertilizer for centuries. Organically grown plants will produce the most gorgeous flowers and blooms, crops will be tastier, and grasses will grow stronger.

Organic fertilizers like Fogroff are a clean and natural way to care for your crops and gardens.

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