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Using the Fogroff Fish Fertilizer in Commercial Applications


Fogroff organic fish fertilizer is an organic enzymatically digested hydrolyzed liquid fish fertilizer. It is stabilized with phosphoric acid and is suitable for use as a foliar spray, root-feeder, soil supplement, and compost accelerator.

Fogroff organic fish fertilizer is supplied in concentrated form and can be applied by all normal methods including any type of conventional fertilizer-grade irrigation system such as:

•  sprinklers and injectors

•  spray rigs

•  aerial spraying

•  drip systems


Fogroff organic fish fertilizer is available in 5 gallon bottles, 55 gallon drums, 500 gallon tanks, and 5000 gallon tanker truck load. Product ships from Pearl, Illinois.

General application notes

Dilute before using in the ratios below. Mix well and ensure the liquid is agitated well during use. Use all of the mixed liquid within four hours. Never store the mixed liquid.

In general, apply 5 to 10 gallons (of the undiluted Fogroff organic fish fertilizer) per acre and apply this three times per season (so the total is 15 to 30 gallons per acre per season). It is also beneficial to apply once after harvesting, between the growing seasons.

Applying to soils

Dilute 1 part Fogroff organic fish fertilizer to 10 parts water. You can apply Fogroff organic fish fertilizer undiluted and then immediately spray water to reach at least a 10:1 dilution.

Foliar applications, including lawns

Dilute 1 part Fogroff organic fish fertilizer to 50 parts water. Spray very early in the morning or after sunset. Fertilizer that runs off the leaves is beneficial to the soil.

Aerial spraying

Dilute 1 part Fogroff organic fish fertilizer to 1 part water. Immediately spray water to dilute to at least 10:1.

Compost accelerator and soil supplement

Dilute 1 part Fogroff organic fish fertilizer to 10 parts water and use the liquid to water the pile.


Dilute 4 ounces Fogroff organic fish fertilizer in 1 gallon of water (that is, 30:1 dilution). Dip the seedlings in this mixture and then plant. Water the plants after with a solution mixed at 20:1.

Fogroff is suitable for all types of commercial growers including nurseries.

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