Applying fish fertilizer directly to the leaves

Different types of fish fertilizer

Fish Meal

Fish meal is made by cooking, pressing, drying, and grinding the waste fish. The oil is typically extracted and sold as a separate product for fish oil or cosmetics. The heat kills the natural microorganisms and destroys the natural condition of desirable organic molecules. What remains is a brown powder or cake that is worked into the soil and then watered to soak in. As such it is not strictly a compost product, but is a soil amendment. The fish meal decomposes after it is in the soil and then releases its nutrients. Fish meal may come from fish that may contain high levels of heavy metals which can be absorbed by the plants.Most fish fertilizers are emulsions that destroy the nutrients while being processed. Fogroff uses a cold process that preserves the nutrients.

Fish Emulsions

Fish emulsions start with a fish meal, having processed the fish in a similar way. But they may be processed by using steam to extract proteins that are sold as another product. So again, these are not strictly compost. The steam that used to remove the protein is typically from a municipal water source, and as a result, the chlorine content in the final product may be as high, giving an undesirably high salt content. Fish naturally contain about 2% nitrogen. However, it is common for emulsions to contain synthetic sources of nitrogen, such as urea, to boost the nitrogen percentage. Emulsions are thick as molasses and may be difficult to handle. Emulsions smell very bad, like dead fish, and the product has a bad reputation for clogging sprayers and fouling the holding tanks.

Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer

We make our Fogroff organic fish fertilizer from fresh water Asian Carp. We use either whole fish or the remains after the fish are filleted. We grind the input and then create a paste from the ground fish. Nothing is removed and there is no waste. The paste is fermented (decomposed) without the addition of heat using the naturally present and added microorganisms. This is referred to as a hydrolyzed or enzymatic process and the finished product is fully referred to as “enzymatically digested hydrolyzed liquid fish fertilizer.”Hydrolyzed fish fertilizer includes all of the nutritional elements for soil and plants.

Hydrolyzed fish has all of the main nutritional elements of a whole fish (such as amino acids, growth hormones and micro-nutrients) that are chelated, so they are easy for the plant to consume. This process retains more of the proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and micro-nutrients than fish emulsions.

We then add phosphoric acid (some competitors add sulphuric acid, which is cheaper). The result of our process is a truly organic fertilizer that may be used for drip irrigation systems, as a soil drench, or a foliar application on a wide variety of crops.

Natural fertilizers are a green option that can help to save and preserve our natural environment.

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