Key Facts of Foliar Feeding

— The efficiency of the uptake of nutrients can be 95% through foliar applications vs only 10% by applying the same fertilizer to the soil.

— The speed of absorption and use by the plant of the nutrients by foliar applications is immediate, whereas from soil applications absorption and plant usage is very slow.

— Certain nutrients become unavailable for uptake into the plant in soils that have a high pH or a low pH. However with foliar spraying you can get the minerals into the plant until the soil comes back into balance.

Foliar Feeding


One major advantage of the Fogroff organic fish fertilizer is that you can apply it to the foliage of the plant. This is called “foliar feeding” and allows the plant to utilize more of the nutrients more quickly than if you applied the same amount of fertilizer to the soil. This results in quicker growth, stronger and larger plants, and more tasty produce. Of course, you also apply the Fogroff organic fish fertilizer to the soil to benefit the soil, fertilize the roots, and make them stronger.

Most plants can absorb nutrients more efficiently through the pores of the leaves (stomata) than they do through the roots. You give your plants a quick boost with periodic mists or sprays of the Fogroff organic fish fertilizer. Not only is the fertilizer when applied in this way good for providing general nutrients, foliar feeding can revive and stimulate stressed, tired, or diseased plants

Foliar feeding produces an almost immediate effect on the plants. For example, if used on green leafy plants like lawns and kales, they will have larger and fleshier leaves within a shorter period of time compared when other fertilizing methods are used. The reason for this is that the nutrients provided are already in the form that the plant needs. After absorption, all the plant has to do is utilize these nutrients.

Foliar feeding is not only useful for regular fertilizing to gain higher quality crops, but it is especially important for the correction of nutrient deficiencies and the addition of micro-nutrients. After spraying the leaves will generate more carbohydrates that will be transported down to the root. This will actually stimulate the microbial life in the soil and the microbes will thrive around the root mass making more nutrients available to the plant.

Using Fogroff organic fish fertilizer as a foliar feed in autumn can reduce the dependence of the plant dependence on the nitrogen in the soil during the following spring. In many growing regions, fertilizers applied in spring are inefficiently taken up due to low temperatures and high rainfall.

The bottom line is that it is a very good idea to use the Fogroff organic fish fertilizer to give your crops the optimum amount of nutrients it needs to get fast and efficient goodness into the plant so it can work harder to produce lush leaves, blooms, and top quality food.

Some words of caution

Foliar feeding is a method of fertilizing plants directly. But it is not a panacea to treat fundamentally bad conditions. For example, you need to plant the appropriate plant in the soil that you have. If you have a plant that likes acid soils, don’t plant it in alkaline or calcareous soils. The inappropriate selection of a plant in terms of its mineral nutrition will be a problem for the life of the plant regardless how much you treat the plant with Fogroff organic fish fertilizer. And that life of the plant may be shorter than you had hoped!

Also, don’t be too enthusiastic and over water the plants – they won’t thank you for all those extra nutrients – instead, they will drown!

Spray early in the morning or late in the day after the sun has gone down (preferably within the hour before sunrise or within the hour after sunset). The stomata are open and can absorb the fertilizers. Spraying with Fogroff organic fish fertilizer during the day won’t damage the plant but will have little effect except to leave a hole in your pocket!

Cacti and similar plants will absorb very little nutrients through their thick leaves. Again, you won’t harm the plant (except that such plants usually need very little water), but you will create a hole in your pocket!

You must ensure there is sufficient run off the plant to apply fertilizer to the soil. Plants absorb the majority of their primary nutrients through the roots even in a good program of foliar feeding.

Foliar feeding is one of the best ways to care for your plants. Nutrients is best absorbed by foliar feeding.

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