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How to Use the Fogroff Fish Fertilizer

Applicability for all plants

Everyone on earth needs to be using organic natural products on their land to preserve the soil for future generations. The growers that use our Fogroff organic fish fertilizer manage or farm a variety of sizes of land and a variety of different plants. Whether you represent a large agri-business, a smaller independent farm, a market garden, or a home gardener, you need the superior soil, plant enrichment, robust crops, and less environmental stress on your soil that Fogroff organic fish fertilizer provides.

Bring out the taste

If you are an organic or conventional farmer then you already understand the importance of selecting the best fertilizer for your crop. Providing the best conditions for the beneficial microorganisms that dwell in your soil is just as important as taking care of the plants and food that you harvest. Fogroff organic fish fertilizer can be used on all plants and brings out the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables.

Where to use

The Fogroff organic fertilizer is highly concentrated and must be diluted with water prior to use. The resulting liquid provides excellent results for:

•  grasses including lawns

•  grains

•  grapes

•  berries

•  nut and fruit trees

•  forage and cash crops

•  vegetables

•  hops

Natural fertilizers have been used for thousands of years to produce clean and strong crops.

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