Where did the Asian Carp come from?

How we make our Fogroff organic fish fertilizer

Fish Stock

We carefully process Fogroff entirely with fresh Asian Carp caught by Big River Fish from the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers (see sidebar). We use whole fish and offal (head and guts) which otherwise would be sent to the landfill. So, we doubly benefit the environment in the selection of the source material and its processing. And unlike other manufacturers, we don't extract any of the nutritious oils before we make the fertilizer.

Cold Process

Our proprietary process preserves the enriching nutrients from the fish that other fish-based fertilizers can’t. We grind the fish and then create a paste from that ground fish. This ensures there is no particle greater than 75µm (0.03"). Note that we do not remove any oils like some of our competitors – the goodness in the oils goes straight to the fertilizer and then to your plants!

The fish then ferments using our process in which we add no heat. The result is a thick soup in which all the natural ingredients of the fish are preserved. All the macro and micro nutrients which will benefit your soil and your plants are in the finished product.

Mostly Fish

We use fish and nothing but fish! In fact, over 97% of the product you get comes from fish, with all the natural ingredients.

When the fish soup has finished fermenting, we add phosphoric acid. This helps to:

•  stabilize the fertilizer by killing of any remaining microorganisms

•  add some phosphorous that your plants need

•  reduce the alkalinity to make the fertilizer at an ideal pH level for most plants

Benefiting the Environment

Of course, you benefit the environment by selecting Fogroff fish fertilizer instead of a chemical alternative. And you are not being a cause of the depletion of the fish in the ocean. But the main reason for using Fogroff has to be the results. You will have better grasses, grains, flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables by using our fertilizer instead of a chemical alternative.

Heavy Metals

The Asian Carp eat plankton (algae) and are not bottom feeders (like catfish). The Mississippi and Illinois rivers are clean and free of pollution, so the Asian Carp is free of pollution and heavy metals are not an issue as they may be with other products.

The End Result

Because it is made mostly of fish, the Fogroff fish fertilizer improves the soil ecosystem and promotes quicker growth of microorganisms that in turn feed plants with high quality organic nutrients. This boosts the plant’s vitality and produces healthier crops. The major environmental and growing benefits for the organic food production industry in using our product made from a renewable resource are measurable and significant.

We make Fogroff organic fish fertilizer from Asian carp, an invasive species in the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.

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