Why use our organic fish fertilizer?

You want the best

Use Fogroff because you want the best and you care about the environment. Our Fogroff fish fertilizer is a concentrated fertilizer that contains 100% of the natural ingredients from fish plus the addition of phosphorus. All the trace elements are especially beneficial for growing healthy grasses, grains, vegetables, and fruit. The nutrients in fish help to control diseases found in plants. Our organic Fogroff fertilizer increases the hardiness in outdoor plants by helping to provide protection from the stresses of heat and frost.

Ecologically Safe

Fish fertilizer is the ecologically safe way to strengthen plants and boost crop yields. If you want an organic fertilizer, whether or not your crops or products are considered organic, you’ve come to the right place. Chemical fertilizers cannot achieve the same results as Fogroff because they are lacking the micro and macro nutrients contained in Fogroff.

•  Fogroff is an organic fertilizer that is 100% soluble

•  Fogroff is a balanced fertilizer with a complete array of nutrients and minerals that benefit the soil’s natural microorganisms and mycorrhiza that can help significantly in increasing crop quality and yields

•  Fogroff increases the organic matter in your soil and aids in the population of earthworms

•  Fogroff releases nitrogen slowly over as long as four months

•  Fogroff improves the germination of seeds and the emergence and subsequent development of roots

•  Fogroff builds trace elements in soil that can make leaves greener

Raising Nutrient Levels in the Soil

Studies have shown that fish fertilizer raises the nutrient levels in soil and can bring new life to overworked soils. So even if you have been using chemical fertilizers for years, you can switch now to Fogroff organic fish fertilizer and start to restore the balance in the soil.

We guarantee that your grains, fruits, and vegetables will taste better than if you use chemical fertilizers.

Comparing NPK Values

The NPK of our Fogroff organic fish fertilizer is 2-3-0.25 (see details here). Don’t be deceived if you think these numbers are low. As much as 75% of the nitrogen in chemical fertilizers either gases or leeches off the soil (to the detriment of the surrounding environment). Our fertilizer does neither because of all the micro-nutrients, oils, and collagens that are preserved because of our cold process (compare different fish fertilizers here). The result is that you should compare our Fogroff organic fish fertilizer with a chemical fertilizer having a nitrogen level of 15.

Control of Asian Carp

We make Fogroff fish fertilizer from 100% Asian Carp taken from our rivers. Your use of Fogroff helps control the population of the Asian Carp in the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. Read more here.

What's wrong with chemical fertilizers?

Delicious fresh strawberries are yielded by using Fogroff

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